Residential rental locators are required by law to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission  (P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas 78711-2188   1-800-250-8732 or 512-465-3960

Apartment Locators may advertise units in general terms, and all units may not have the same features. The amount of rent quoted may be the starting rent for a basic unit. 

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Austin TX apartments

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Austin TX apartments

Austin TX Apartments
Austin Apartments - Apartments in Austin TX - Free Austin Apartment Locators. Apartments in Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville & Round Rock
Austin Apartments - Searching for your perfect apartment

Searching for Austin Apartments can be very time consuming.  With so many apartments, how do you find the perfect place to call home?  An Austin apartment locator can help you do just that.  Signature Apartment Locating is a completely free service.  You simply tell us what you are looking for.  Such as number of bedrooms, area, price, desired amenities, etc.  And we will do all the research for you.  You will need to give us a call to set up an appointment.  We can meet here in our office, and we'll show you all the apartments that fit your criteria on our database.  We can then  narrow it down to the best properties for you.  And then we will even drive you around and show them to you!
Austin Texas Apartments - Qualifying for an apartment

The apartments will all have their own qualification standards when you go to apply for an apartment.  The first thing they will check is your credit.  ALL apartment will do a credit check.  There is no way around this.  The main thing they are looking for is to see if you have any bankruptcies or foreclosures.  If so, they may just require that you pay an extra deposit.  Usually automatic denials are if you have a broken lease or eviction.  There are only a handful of apartments in Austin, TX that will accept bad rental debt.  So the best thing to do is to pay your debt off.  If you simply cannot pay off your debt, then try to establish some sort of positive rental history.   EVERY apartment will also run a criminal background check on you.  If you have a felony, they typically want it to be over 10 years old.  The apartments also don't want your offense to be a crime against a person or property.  And lastly, they will verify your income.  You must make at least 2.5 to 3 times the rent.  
Austin  Apartment - Find your ideal apartment today

After we go out and view the properties, keep in mind that the Austin apartments you looked at today, may be the same apartment someone else saw yesterday, and will be reserving today.  Basically, what that means is don't wait to reserve your new place!  If you find something you like, go ahead and put down an application and your fees to hold the apartment.  With the Austin Apartment market being so tight right now, the apartments are at full occupancy and are leasing several of their units every day.  Also, their prices change every day!  And nine out of ten times, the price will only go up if you wait, and not down.  Our Austin apartment locators are standing by ready to help you
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and we can start working on finding you the perfect place.  
Austin Apartment
When it's finally time to lease your place

Austin Apartments Pricing System

When you find your perfect apartment, it is now time to choose your lease term in which you will stay with them. A lot of Austin TX apartments have switched to a pricing system called yieldstar. This is very similar to the way airlines and hotels keep their prices. The price changes every day, and is different depending on the length of lease that you sign. The price will go up or down based on some crazy formula. If the Austin apartments get a notice from someone, the price may go down and if they rent a bunch of apartments one day, then the price may go back up. So if you see a good Austin apartment price, you may not want to wait to take it.  

Broken leases, evictions and bad credit accepted Austin Apartments

Many people have damaged credit. We can help you find the apartment communities and management companies that will work with your particular issue.

  • I have a bankruptcy on my credit report! 
  • Every apartment will check your credit. There is no such thing as a "no credit check apartment" With a bankruptcy almost all Austin apartments require that it be discharged. Many of them will work with you, if its two or more years old and you have re-established credit. Most apartments in Austin will deny you for a bankruptcy, particularly newer properties that score so heavily on credit. Call us for help.

  • I have more than one broken lease! 
  • Difficult... but not quite impossible. They will hit you with an extra deposit and might require a co-signer. (see co-signers) The extra deposit can be as much as a months rent. Sometimes first and last months. Very few Austin apartments will do this, so tell us in advance, so we/ll know where to take you. 

  • I have a broken lease and rough credit! 
  • There are quite a number of apartments in Austin that will work with you but living with another person may not count as rental history in many rental properties. We need to know in advance where you've been living so we can advise you. Just because you aren't currently on a lease doesn't mean you don't have verifiable rental history. 

  • I have a foreclosure on my credit report 
  • Many properties look at this in the same way they would a broken lease or eviction. If you have re-established your credit they are more forgiving. Call us.512-258-5200. We keep a list of Austin apartments that will work with these issues

Austin Apartments - Apartments in Austin TX - Free Austin Apartment Locators. Apartments in Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville & Round Rock
When you go to apply for an Austin apartment, they will qualify you on 3 major areas.  The first is credit.  Every apartment has a different criteria for what they are looking for when they run your credit.  Some things the apartments might be checking is debt to income ratio, and credit score.
Most apartments in Austin are pet friendly.  I'd even go as far to say that about 98% of them will allow pets.  However, they will all have some criteria here.  Weight limit is the first.  Second is breed restriction.  Keep in mind that most Austin apartments will not accept pit bulls, rotweillers or dobermans.  

The Austin Texas apartment market is very cylicle.  In 2009, there was in influx of apartments that were built, and since this time only a few complexes have gone up.  The Austin, TX economy took a turn in the last few years, and it was hard for the builders to get loans to construct the apartments.
When you find your perfect apartment, it is now time to choose your lease term in which you will stay with them.  A lot of Austin  apartments have switched to a pricing system called yieldstar.  This is very similar to the way airlines and hotels keep their prices.   
Austin Apartment locators
Austin TX apartment locators