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Finding Pet Friendly Austin apartments
Austin dog and cat friendly apartments, yards, pet park
Most apartments in Austin are pet friendly.  I'd even go as far to say that about 98% of them will allow pets.  However, they will all have some criteria here.  Weight limit is the first.  Second is breed restriction.  Keep in mind that most Austin apartments will not accept pit bulls, rottweilers or Dobermans.  This is for insurance reasons.  Even if your dog is the sweetest pit bull ever, it is a fair housing law that if they don't accept one person's pit bull, they can't accept yours.  The Austin TX apartments are slightly more relaxed if you have a German Shepherd.  If you have a reptile, rabbit, flying squirrel, ect... be sure and check with the apartments to see if they accept these animals.  Another criteria is number of pets.  If you have 2 you are okay.  It's pretty tough to find an apartment that will accept 3 or more.  I only know of a few Austin apartments that will take 3.    
What is Pet Rent in Austin apartments?
When renting Austin TX apartments you will need to pay a pet deposit, pet fee, and some places will charge pet rent.  The pet deposit is fully refundable at move out as long as there is no damage done to your apartment.  The pet fee is non refundable.  And now on to pet rent.  Your dog and/or cat must pay rent too!  This can range anywhere from $5 to $30 a month.  This is non refundable and sometimes the fee is per animal, so you may have to multiply those numbers by two.  Sometimes the Austin TX apartments will divide up the pet deposit and fee into installments.  They do understand that moving can be expensive, so most Austin TX apartments will let you pay these fees in 2 or 3 monthly installments.   

What about Austin Texas Apartments with Dog Parks?

It is always very tough to live in an Austin TX apartments with a dog.  Your pup needs exercise and most places have strict rules where your dog needs to always be on a leash.  The apartments that have dog parks are great!  These are completely off leash fenced in areas, and your dog can socialize with the other dogs in the complex.  And what about taking your dog for a walk?  The great thing about Austin, TX is that there are green belt areas everywhere.  So try and find an Austin apartment that is next to a trail or park.  These would be the most pet friendly Austin TX apartments.  


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Pet Friendly Austin Texas Apartments